Computer Network & Internet Access Policy

Context Statement

Effective use of computer networks and the internet requires students to accept established standards of proper conduct. The rapid development in Information and Communication Technology has meant that students at Yankalilla Area School are able to access information from the global resources of libraries, universities, business and other schools around the world. The internet contains material which is not suitable for students. The computer network is provided to enable students at Yankalilla Area School to conduct research and develop skills in the use of Information and Communication Technologies. Like in the classroom and school yard, students behaviour must be acceptable and in line with Yankalilla Area School's expectations. Expectations for behaviour and communication must apply at all times. Independent student access to the computer network will only be made available to students who will act in a considerate, responsible and safe manner. For all students, parent / caregiver permission will be required for the use of the computer network. The use of this network is not an automatic right but a privilege that comes with responsibility. When necessary the network administrator may need to view files and communications to ensure that users are using the system responsibly and safely and if necessary, delete any unsuitable files (including games, pictures, videos, music etc.) that are stored in a network storage area, USB or other memory devices and e-mail. Users should not expect that files stored on the school server or any other device used on the school network will be private.

Purposes/ Aims

Through the application of this policy, Yankalilla Area School aims to:

  • Make the use of the computer network safe and non-threatening to staff / students.
  • Make the use of the internet and e-mail safe and non-threatening to staff / students.
  • Make access to the computer network equitable for all students.


Computer Network

The computer network at Yankalilla Area School includes the two computing rooms, all pods of computers / laptops and the school's computers in the Community Library.

Internet or (World Wide Web)

The internet is a global computer network, which links computers from all over the world. The internet itself is not centrally managed and/or regulated.

Internet Access

  • Being able to access, retrieve, copy and print information from computer networks outside the school.
  • Being able to exchange e-mail with other people who use computer networks outside the school.


In support of this policy Yankalilla Area School will:

  • Inform parents of students' breaches of the expectations outlined in the "Acceptable Use Policy Student"
  • Take the appropriate disciplinary actions for breaches of the expectations outlined in the document "Acceptable Use Policy Student"

The School will:

  • Ensure that the computer network and internet access is available to all during normal school hours.
  • Take disciplinary action as required.
  • Provide an e-mail account for students. A student will only be issued with an e-mail account to satisfy curriculum requirements.

The staff will:

  • Ensure that students have a clearly defined task when taking classes to computer rooms.
  • Ensure that students understand the task.
  • Provide an appropriate level of supervision and educate students about acceptable behaviour and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour.
  • Educate students about plagiarism and copyright laws.
  • Educate students about note taking, reframing, citing and the use of a bibliography.

The Principal will:

  • Oversee the implementation of this policy.
  • Oversee the ongoing development of Information Communication Technology.

The student will:

  • Sign the document "Acceptable Use Policy Student" before they have access.
  • Not give and/or share their passwords with another student.
  • Not contravene copyright laws or plagiarise information from the internet and from other students.

The Parent/Caregiver will:

  • Read the document "Acceptable Use Policy Student"
  • Sign the document "Acceptable Use Policy Parent/Caregiver" if the student under their care is to have access to the internet and e-mail.


Students found to be intentionally in violation of Yankalilla Area School's Computer Network & Internet Access Policy will:

  • Have their parents contacted by the school and informed about their actions.
  • Have their network privileges removed
  • Face consequences as described in the School's Behaviour Management Policy or as determined by the School Principal or Sub-school Managers.
  • In certain circumstances the school will involve the Police to deal with intentional serious," illegal" activities.

Support Documents:

"Acceptable Use Policy Student" Yankalilla Area School (PDF 103kb)

"Acceptable Use Policy Parent/Caregiver" Yankalilla Area School (PDF 106kb)