School Drug Policy

This policy involves students and the use of legal or illegal drugs.

Involvement means:

  1. the use of drugs;
  2. the possession of drugs;
  3. the possession of any instruments which may be associated with drug use;
  4. being present when one or more students are using drugs, when...
    • on school premises and in stated school hours;
    • on school premises at other times when under supervision;
    • involved in school activities at or away from the school;
    • in school precincts, or while travelling to and from school.

NOTE: The school does have some legal responsibility for students when unsupervised but still clearly enrolled at this school, such as when students are on the way to and from school.


ON A FIRST OFFENCE the consequence of such action will result in the student being issued with this policy sheet, and asked to confirm, in writing, to the Leadership Team, an understanding of the consequences of further offences. Parents will be notified.

ON A SECOND OFFENCE, a period of suspension will be enforced.


ON ANY OFFENCE, students will be suspended. Parents and appropriate advisory agencies will be notified.

NOTE: Return to class following suspension involves negotiation between the school's Leadership Team, the parents and the students. Police may also be involved in this negotiation.